The Circular Belvedere

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The Circular Belvedere

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I didn’t see you there!

Welcome to the blog of an ambitious college student from Austin, Texas. I am currently an environmental sciences major with an architecture minor, and I intend to become a home architect one day. My interests include (but are certainly not limited to) architecture, sustainable living, design, drawing, music, percussive keyboard and accessories, jazz, Christianity, self-cultivation, ancient chinese philosophy, fashion, cooking, sewing, knitting, healthy eating, yoga, running, working out, exploring nature, and of course, my little dauchund back home.

As you can already tell, I have many diverse interests in many different fields of study and lifestyle. I embrace my wide range of activities and passions, because I believe that inspiring experience in many different areas allows us to broaden our perspective. In turn, I believe that will lead me to approach the world with a better sense of understanding so that I may be wise in what I do and say. I chose to name this blog “The Circular Belvedere” not only because it sounded pretty nifty, but because in architecture, a Belvedere is traditionally a structure that provides a good view of the land around it. In my adventures, I wish to create a well rounded (hence circular) view of the world around me. Of course, this is only the view of one girl, so this is my own belvedere.

I am writing in order to share my experiences with the world, and to hopefully help others learn with me and to laugh with me. Hopefully, you will take home something important from reading this, whether it be a good laugh, a much needed smile, a bit of hope, inspiration, or self reassurance. Above all, I hope I can make y’all smile, because the world can always use more smiles.