The Take off!

As you may know from my previous post, I have dubbed myself the official bee master of campus. I have finished my 200-300 word proposal at a compromising 297 words, gotten a sponsor, and naturally, I am getting way ahead of myself in planning for the future.

Thought the pre-application forms aren’t even opened yet, I am already researching things to put into the garden, even though my knowledge of growing things is equal to that of a dull-green-thumbed third grader… Throwback to the one time I grew a sunflower, and the few plants that I once kept alive in my room.

Anyway, I am not letting my incompetent feelings get in the way of my vision. I’m sure I can work it out. Between my garden-guru mother, and my farmer-ranch-superwoman grandmother (and a little help from the internet) , I have conjured up a list of possible plants for the garden, criteria, and drawing out designs for the garden.

All the plants going in the garden MUST

  • Attract bees
  • Look nice enough so I don’t feel shameful walking by it
  • be native to the central Texas area
  • be drought tolerant or resistant
  • require the same type of soil/shade as the rest of the plants
  • be small enough so it can’t become horribly over-grown
  • be large enough to be seen and admired
  • Be relatively low-maintenance so undergrads can successfully keep them alive

And ideally, I’d work out some kind of system so that there are always constant blooms, switching off from plant to plant so this isn’t an ugly green “shape.”

So far, my favorites from the list I’ve been working on are the

  • Yellow Columbine
  • Common Yarrow
  • Cardinal Feather


Ugh. Just from typing that out, I can feel the judgement from people who can actually garden telling me that I’m doing it all wrong.

Sorry, green-thumbers.


My sketches so far are reflecting the shape out our school crest, with one large unifying piece in the center, and four smaller sections branching out, all encompassed by one outer ring like so:

Image result for southwestern crest university


I still have no idea what I’m doing in case you can’t already tell…

But hey! I’m working on it. I’ll get there.



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