Little Tricks for Smiling

Everybody has emotions.

Sometimes, we all need an extra little something to put ourselves in a good mood, or to bring ourselves up after a bad day. It’s okay to be sad sometimes, but it’s not healthy to stay unhappy for too long.

So how to you get yourself smiling again?

Here are some of my tricks using positive psychology, and personal experiences to keep myself up and running.


  1. Search for the good parts of life

Beautiful things are out there: the simple joys of life, good people, serendipity. Sometimes, you have to really search them, but it’s 100% worth it in the end.

How do you do this? Say you’re walking from one place to the next. Make a conscious effort to find three things that make you happy on your way, or three things that make the world a better place. You don’t have to find a Nobel Peace Prize winner, it could be anything from the smell of pine trees, to the smiles of strangers. Linger on the good side of things.

2. Smile! Even if you’re not feeling it.

Just making yourself do a quick, full, smile can boost your mood automatically. Try it out now! It’s not hard at all. Though I encourage you to be mindful of what you’re doing, and who is watching you unless you’re okay with being thought of as a psychopath. Not that you should let what people think of you effect the way you live your life, but if you’re staring straight at someone, and you give a semi-forced smile amidst your frustration, things can get weird.

Also, if you take your fingers and tap both corners of your mouth, it makes you want to smile. What a fun trick!

Another pro tip: The more realistic your smile is, the better you’ll feel. Save that corny picture-day smile for another time.

3. Listen to happy music!

I’m sure you have upbeat music somewhere on your phone, but if you need something new, music from the 1940’s is almost always cheery, and can get you in a dancing mood. It came from a time when people really needed a smile, so it’s engineered to do exactly that. If you’re not a total weirdo who listens to music most peoples’ grandparents listen to, hit up Spotify’s mood section, or try out the Animal Crossing soundtrack for easy-going feel-good music.

If absolutely necessary, get up and dance to it! It’s always fun to break into spontaneous dance to relieve stress!

4. Stop and smell the roses oranges

It’s been scientifically proven that the smell of oranges can improve your mood, so if you have any citrus fruits around, give it a peel, and enjoy a healthy snack that’s more than satisfying.

5. Talk to your friends/family

Even if it’s just little things, like “hi, how are you?” just having someone there with you can improve your mood temporarily, and beyond that conversation. We’re social creatures, and we need each other to thrive.

6. Treat yourself!

If you enjoy binge watching Netflix, or quality chocolate, go for it! Time yourself, and indulge yourself in some way. It’s okay to take a break, as long as you do it with the mindset that you’ll get up even stronger than you were before.

7. Do something childish

Were you always the kid who wanted to jump in the rain? You’re an adult (or nearly there). Go do it! If we spend all our time trying to be serious and matured, then our ‘purge’ time will be awful. Let yourself be young! Work hard, play hard.

8. Laugh

Whatever it takes for you to laugh (within reason) can make you happier the entire day. Laughter is medicine for broken hearts. Make jokes, talk with friends, watch old Who’s Line is it Anyway clips on Youtube. You can’t laugh without smiling.

9. Take care of yourself

Eat. Sleep. Drink water. That is a lot easier than it sounds. Try to get a full 8+ hours of sleep, and try to continue to do so. Eat healthy foods, you won’t feel guilty or bloated afterwards. Drink water! Hydration keeps you happy and healthy, not to mention that it can help you to feel less tired, less stressed, and dehydration might be the cause of those random headaches.

10. Think of happy things

Who makes you the happiest? What memories can you muster up that makes you completely blissful? What’s your dream? Picture yourself with the people you love, living out your passion. Inspire yourself! Dream a little.



Yes, this is completely cheesy, but hey. It works for a lot of people. Optimism can change lives. Think of the bright side! There’s always a bright side, even in the darkest times.










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