How to Have a Good Run

Good run?

Is that an oxymoron?


Surprisingly, no! If you’re coming back from every run feeling dizzy, nauseous, remorseful, and you’re as red as a tomato, then you’re probably doing something wrong.

Don’t worry, my red friends! There is hope!


Here’s a few things I’ve done to make my runs enjoyable:




Not caffiene, and for the love of God, not alcohol. Those things will dehydrate you, and you’ll feel even worse than before. Drink water, and hydrate early. If you’re planning for a long run the next morning, fill up a large bottle the night before, and make sure it’s all gone before you go to bed. If you’re not peeing clear, you’re doing something wrong. Water will change your life. I promise you.


Be Positive!

Many challenges in running are mental afterall. Think about the things you’re looking forward to about your run. Or, refrain from opinions at all. If you need a blast of *possibly naive* positivity for runners, refer to my blog post, “Why Run?”


Eat Healthy WHILE enjoying those carbs

Crazy, right? I just told you to eat healthy, and eat carbs.

Running is this magical sport that actually encourages you to eat carbs before you run because they will give you energy without weighing you down. Heavy protein-based meals can make you feel heavier, because your body carries that extra weight with you throughout your run.

Make sure you’re getting the nutrition you need, and try to avoid that greasy McGrease entree so you’ll feel your best while you run, and beyond that!


Find a Good Space

Imagine running through a charming Tuscan village or golden cornfields. Isn’t that awesome? It wouldn’t even feel like running if you had that kind of scenery. Of course we’re not all blessed with a convenient jogging trail right next to a waterfall. Go adventure a little. Go through a new part of town, or a beautiful local place to run. If you don’t have anything extraordinary within walking distance, go for a little drive on weekend runs. Feel free to adventure! Think of it as a cheap weekend trip for yourself. 🙂



Find running friends to go with you, or join a running group. Search facebook, or call up your local gym. Running is a great way to make friends, or catch up with old friends. Suddenly, it’s not a chore or a stressful workout. It’s a social event!


Smile and Wave

This might be a little weird if you’re not from the South, but if you see someone passing by, smile at them. Wave. Even say a little “hello.” In a small town, that’s tradition. These little gestures of kindness go a long way in making life more enjoyable.



Running is awesome, just remember to take care of yourself!

Don’t forget to enjoy it!





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