A Theory on New Year’s

Do you remember your resolution from last year? I have no idea what mine was. Maybe something about running? My family briefly spoke about our resolutions over dinner on New Year’s day last year, and we promptly forgot them as we moved on in life.


What’s the point now? So many people have decided to drop the idea of a resolution altogether. Is it even worth trying anymore?


Well hey. If you want to change your lifestyle, go for it, but don’t feel like you have to do it now (or later) in order to be in synch with “The New Year.” 

That’s silly. You do you!


Though New Year’s is a good time to evaluate the past year and to look forward to what’s to come, resolutions shouldn’t be condemned to a date purely to make it fashionable. However, if you’ve been a good boy/girl/other and you have thoroughly evaluated your life during this time of year, then maybe you’ve noticed things you want to stop or things you like and want to build off of.

If that’s the case, make a plan! Don’t wait for life to get better. Make it better.


For many of us, that “thing” is actually many recurring things. For me, I want to run more, run a 10k, maintain good grades, get another job or internship, study abroad, learn to make new meals and coffee drinks, organize my room, apply for more scholarships, make more friends, have a comfortable social life, find a new club, start a new club, volunteer…

… That’s a lot. 


Let’s be realistic. Maybe I can do all that, but I’m not going to put a timer on all of these things. I’m going to make goals that coincide with my pre-existing goals, and that will build off of what I’ve already been working on. 

“Build off? Working on?” She’s just BSing me now. She’s not actually going to get anything done if that’s what she’s saying.

Plot twist: I am making an effort to make some of these dreams come true. How? One word, and one book. Oh, and a whole lot of other things.


I’ve decided to give 2017 a word of inspiration: “Embrace.”

I am young, and surrounded by opportunity with little to nothing to hold me back. I’m an independent woman! I have to go out and embrace every opportunity I can handle before life “settles down.” I wish to embrace  the chance to apply for scholarships, study abroad, internships, and so much more. I will embrace running, hobbies, studies, and everything else that will make me or someone happy in the long-term. 

Every week, I’ll look at my planner and make a schedule that will push me towards these goals through this word. Look one week ahead, and look at the week behind you. How did you do? What will you improve? What should you continue to do? 


If you’re in the shoes of millions of others seeking to change something, and you’re unsure about a New Year’s resolution, give it a try. Give yourself a word, and write it on every available surface in order to remember it, and to be inspired by it. 


Pro tip: Every year is your year; as long as that’s what you make it.

Now go out and slay!






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